Buyers Info and Tips
Buyers Info and Tips

Viewing Auction Listings
There are several ways to view auction listings:

  1. Click on any thumbnail picture that is rotating thru the "Featured Items Gallery" that is located at the top center of the Home page.
  2. You may like to browse thru the various categories by clicking on a specific category link on the left side of the home page.
  3. Once you are on the category listing page, you can refine your search further by setting the options in the "Search These Results" box on the right side of the page.
  4. If you are looking for a specific item, you may find it helpful to use the "Blue Search bar" at the top every page. For more help on using the "Blue Search Bar" click the "Using Search" link in the Help files.
  5. If you are interested in seeing the items that are currently running with multiple bids, then click on a thumbnail under the "Hot Auctions" heading in the lower center of the Home page.

Be Inquisitive, Use Your "Links to the Seller"
If you're curious about even the smallest item details, do a little research before placing that bid. Use the links to the seller found on each auction page to get more information. Ask the Seller questions about his auction by clicking the (ask a ?) link under the "Item Details" text box. Or, if you want to view the seller's other auctions, you may do so by clicking the "More Auctions" link. You may also view the seller's feedback by clicking on the number in parenthesis directly behind the seller's username. Using these links can make auction transactions go smoother and more enjoyable.

Use a Proxy Bid
When bidding in Classic, or Absolute Auctions, enter your Maximum Bid amount, (this should be the most you would like to pay for the item) and select the Review bid button. Your Maximum Bid amount is kept secret while places bids for you. Each bid that we place for you will be just enough to keep you one bid increment ahead of other bidders, up to your maximum. If at any time you are out bid, we will send you a message to inform you so you may bid again, to raise your maximum. You can't go wrong with a proxy bid.

Extended Bidding
A "true auction" is when the bidder willing to bid the highest wins (regardless of time limitations). So, here is where Extended Bidding really adds fairness and fun. When a bid is placed within the auctions final 90 seconds, the duration of the auction is automatically reset to reflect another full 90 seconds. This means a bid successfully placed within 5 seconds of the end of the auction resets the auction duration to 90 seconds. This offers adequate bid response time, for the alert bidder who is willing to stick with the auction, and continue increasing the bid until all bidding has stopped and the auction is then won by the Highest Bidder. "Extended Bid" creates a real live auction that won't end until the bidding stops!

Auto Positive Feedback
Because most successful auctions end with positive results, "Auto Positive Feedback" allows you to set up a positive feedback comment to be automatically posted 30 days after each auction ends. No more forgetting to give positive feedback for your valued buyers or sellers.

  1. Set up your own APF by visiting your Auction Manager in the "Grey Toolbar" at the top of every page.
  2. Hover over "Account Setup".
  3. Click on "Feedback".
  4. Select your APF choices in the window that opens.

Learn more about Bidding
Learn more about bidding by visiting "Bidding Explained".

A Little Courtesy Goes Far
Give other Users the same courtesy you like to receive. When you send O-Mail, take the time to write messages using complete sentences. Show consideration in your writings by giving friendly greetings with sincere sign-offs. It takes only a few extra seconds to make a lasting, personal impression. Always be prompt in completing auction transactions. Your Feedback file will soon glow with positive entries from Fellow Users appreciating your touch.

Receiving Damaged Items
Buyers remember: Keep intact, the shipping container including all packing material. Contact the carrier for further claim instructions immediately after receiving any damaged items. Visit Our Shipping Services Page.

See Our Five Auction Formats Explained.

Learn More about Safe Transactions

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