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    PENNYOVER Fixed Price Auction # 1628398
Auction Has Ended

Join Our Social Media Marketing Team!

This listing is for inclusion on any of our Twitter lists that apply, based on our judgment and your recommendation (see below), plus unlimited random tweets from @PlayShopAndSave (3000+ followers), @CountryNaturals (2000+ followers), @LoveYourPetExpo (1650+ followers), and 1 tweet or retweet from 3 other accounts, with

*52,941, 32,647 & 64,361 followers.

*These tweets are from a very nice 3rd party. The accounts are general interest and the followers come from many sources. Results from these tweets can vary immensely. I used mine to tweet for followers and got 150 signups in 3 days.

Bonus: This exclusive listing will stay active, with links to these lists, plus your links and "live" tweets will stay published on and, plus a link on the Sponsors page, giving you additional, continuous advertising and promotion. I will also continue to tweet this listing to our own followers on multiple accounts.

Bonus 2: If you have a website, Facebook account, or you're on Squidoo or Pinterest, I will add your link to &

Bonus 3: Over the years I have accumulated a list of places where you can advertise your online business, free. I will include an updated copy of this list (in Excel) with this package.

Bonus 4: I will "favorite" your tweet and embed it on one of our web pages, making it a permanent "live" tweet to help you get more followers. (The tweet for @cavsdream at the bottom of this listing is an example of an embeded tweet. You Can RT, follow, or do anything else from it that you could do if you were on Twitter.)

This ad package is actually a fundraiser for the Love Your Pet Expo Sanctuary for Special Needs Animals.

Blinker Sitting PrettyHere are the OLA "Special Sponsors" already supporting this project.







Twitter Lists from @CountryNaturals, @LoveYourPetExpo, & @PlayShopAndSave
If you don't see your topic, we would be happy to create a new list for you.

 Books, Authors, & Publishers

Business Opportunities




Handcrafted Items

Love Your Pet Expo Sanctuary (requires product or $ donation)

Marketing & Promoting



Web Design & Services

To complete this auction, after payment has been made, contact me with your 140 character family-friendly tweet and the lists you'd like to be on. I will publish your tweet (or re-tweet) ASAP.

Twitter Hint: Add images to your tweets. They show up as a gallery on your page and add interest to your Twitter profile. Here is a link to some more Twitter hints and ideas from the OLA Team Blog.

NEW! (At least it was new to me.) I just discovered the "embed" option, under "more" on a tweet. This lets you put a tweet into a web page. The code brings in the image and a "follow" link. Pretty kewl! Here's an example from my Twitter account.



Love Your Pet Expo Sanctuary

All proceeds from this sale go to the Love Your Pet Expo Sanctuary for Special Needs Animals.

Thank you for your support.

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