Safely & Easily Buy & Sell Online! is a marketplace community of buyers and sellers that allows you keep all your earnings and have the freedom to safely and easily buy and sell without anyone taking a piece of the action. We have hosted over $746,067,744 in zero-fee auctions and are growing by the minute.

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Shop for and bid on any auction limited up to $1,000 per day.

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Shop for and bid on anything, including auctions over $1000 and special items that are available only to verified buyers.



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Everything a Buyer gets plus:

  • Up to 800 simultaneous listings
  • No final value or listing fees!
  • Secure message center
  • Classic auctions with optional minimum bid and reserve price
  • Buy Now / Fixed Price auctions

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Best Value!

Everything a Seller gets plus:

  • $300 in auction enhancements (featured auctions - get seen!)
  • Up to 8,000 simultaneous listings
  • Professional Badge
  • Import from CSV/eBay
  • Personalized e-Store

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What Our Sellers Have To Say

More Success Stories

I've made much of my living buying and selling from auctions for over 20 years. I was in the mist of re-searching online auctions for an article I'm writing, when I came across I was fed up with high fees. Reviewing in depth many auction sites, this is some of what I found. Of those that gave you the option to sell your items, most had rules of limitations. Some only allow you to sell new items, arts & crafts or only antiques. On one if you list USED clothing - ALL YOUR AUCTIONS WERE DELETED. Some rules as to inventory, storage of your product, and even the minimum price you had to charge. I even found some sites not located in the USA. With these there was a 20% VAT tax that went through their site in addition to the listing and final value fees. With, I pay one flat fee. I can have 8000 items listed, no extra fees, unless I do a feature auction or add more then 4 photos. It don't matter if I sell a $2,000.00 car, or a $3.00 book, no sale percentage is charged.misterfindit
Lots of great sellers there and very friendly too! And it's only 8 bucks a month period! No listing, Final value or hidden fees and most sellers only charge ACTUAL SHIPPING! Not the blown out of proportion charges like other sites. List for $8 a month and the only extra you will pay is for enhancements that you choose! You can have up to 4 pictures FREE in your listings too! Lots of bonuses there! I won't sell anywhere else! Come look us up! I'm DraggonTagger. Jen Westcott
I have been successfully selling my homemade soap here at OLA since February 2008, and have loved it every day. I absolutely love it here at OLA, especially the community members who frequent the chat! It's awesome to be able to share ideas and experiences with everyone!MetzyMom
What brought me to Back in early 2008, among other things, I was looking for a site with lower fees and, while I understand certain selling restrictions are needed, I was looking for more reasonable selling restrictions. Here at, OLA for short, I found both of those things in spades, so, here I am. The fees are so much lower here and, the restrictions make sense and are not just arbitrary. I found so much more at OLA than I was looking for.Maggiemabecrafty
I joined on a whim in '08 then forgot all about it. I began selling online but was hindered in what I could do in my "store" so I came back to OLA in 2010 and haven't looked back! The site is being totally revamped and is great! The owners listen to the members! We have live customer service people! And the members support each other! And I run my business MY way! What more could I ask for? I love it here!! kornkountrytreasures

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any listing fees?

No, we do not charge listing fees. Listing is already pre-paid in your seller membership plan.

Are there Final Value Fees when I sell an item?

We do not charge final value fees. Your fees are pre-paid for in your seller membership plan.

As a buyer how do I pay for my item?

You and the seller will receive an automated notification email from Online Auction telling you that you have a pending purchase, and then you and the seller by can contact each other by site messaging center, or by email, and conclude the sale.

How do I get paid for my item if it sells?

By any method you choose. Simply create an invoice for your customer as needed, and add in your payment preferences and send it through the site messaging center.

Can I leave feedback?

Yes, you can leave positive negative or neutral feedback.

How do I cancel as a seller?

You can do so in your account setup in the membership section. Just set your membership to Basic Membership. This stops your billing, and you can shop on the site for free!