Collectible Rock Bound Coast San Remo Victoria Australia Ashtray Tobacciana

Collectible Rock Bound Coast San Remo Victoria Australia Ashtray Tobacciana, vintage

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    PENNYOVER Fixed Price Auction # 1008954

Vintage Souvenir Rock Bound Coast

San Remo, Victoria, Australia 

Collectible Rock Bound Coast San Remo Victoria Australia Ashtray

A vintage unusual ashtray with 4 out-cropped rests with a picture in the center and marked Rock-Bound Coast, San Remo.  Approx 2 7/8 inch diam of the round part of the ashtray.  

This is a highly collectible ashtray - there is a much worn and smoothed chip off on the bottom side of two of the rests, however.....  

Imperfections on vintage ashtrays are not unusual and can be expected as they are heavily used.

With the demise of smoking, advertising tobacciana items are rarely being made any more and they will, one day soon, become a hot collectible. Add to or start your collection today.

Add to or start your collection today with this collectible Rock Bound Coast ashtray from Australia.

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