MICROWAVE GRILL,Body by Jake Micro Grill NEW

MICROWAVE GRILL,Body by Jake micro-grill,turbo powered microwave grill.Grills poultry,meat and veggies, in 7 minutes or less. Dishwasher safe. Micro wave appliance. Kitchenware.

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MICROWAVE GRILL,7 Minutes or Less to Fabulous Grilled Meals The MicroGrill harnesses the energy created by the microwave and converts it to great-tasting grilled foods at microwave speed. It’s so efficient that you can cook a complete meal in under 7 minutes! Safely Sear & Cook Delicious Foods in Your Microwave The secret behind the MicroGrill's unique ability to safely sear and cook foods is its unique, patented technology. Special, heat-conducting grilling plates inside the MicroGrill convert microwave energy into heat energy, raising the plates to a higher temperature than most indoor countertop appliances. MicroGrill™ Eliminates Rubbery Bland Foods From Your Microwave The MicroGrill also blocks microwaves from directly penetrating your food, eliminating the bland taste and rubbery texture you get from traditional microwave cooking. Plus, excess fats and oils drain from the bottom grilling plate so you achieve healthier meals with mouthwatering grilled flavor. * Cooks frozen foods without thawing * Cooks with no oil * Browns and crisps your favorite foods * Easy cleanup, dishwasher safe * Complete meals in under 7 minutes * Product dimensions: 12"L x 8"W x 1.5"H Dishwasher safe for easy clean-up. New, not in original box. Comes with instructions. Complete recipe guide can be downloaded free at: http://www.qvc.com/cd/pdf/K9161_manual.pdf

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