REV. A. A. Allen AUDIO Library 22 Tent Revival Recordings on 5 CDs

Hear A. A. Allen preach and pray for the sick with amazing miraculous result, under the big Revival Tent just as if you were there!

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Rev. A. A. Allen
5 CD Audio Library

22 Audio Recordings - MORE Than 5 Hours!
These Very Rare A. A. Allen Tent Revival Recordings Are Priceless!!

No Christian's library can be complete without these classic, timeless treasures.




Below is a sample of the audio on the CDs:


  • 5 AUDIO CDs (See pic at top left.)
    NOTE: These are Standard Audio CDs.

  • They will play in ALL CD players, computers, and most DVD players.


  • Total Audio Time:  5 Hours 29 Minutes



Makes a wonderful Gift for family & friends!


Total Recordings --- 22
Total Time -------------- 5 Hours 29 Minutes

1.  How To Have God's Faith (27 min.)
2.  What God Says About Holiness (27 min.)
3.  How To Have Authority Over Devils (26 min.)
4.  Judgment Day (26 min.)
5.  Is Jesus Coming Back (26 min.)
6.  It Pays To Serve The Devil (25 min.)
7.  LORD Have Mercy (22 min.)
8.  Think BIG (22 min.)
9.  Blessings And Curses (20 min.)
10. God Is A Killer Part 1 (19 min.)
God Is A Killer Part 2 (18 min.)
12. Man's Back Healed (9 min.)
13. Cancer Of Spine Healed (9 min.)
14. Young Deaf Man Healed (6 min.)
15. Woman Healed Of Cancer (4 min.)
16. Pick Up Your Bed (4 min.)
17 - 22. 7 Various Recordings (48 min.)

WHO IS A. A. Allen?


Rev. A. A. Allen was bold and outgoing. His television commercials professed, “See! Hear! Actual miracles happening before your eyes! Cancer, tumors, goiters disappear! Crutches, braces, wheelchairs, stretchers discarded! Crossed eyes straightened! Caught by the camera as they occurred in the healing line before thousands of witnesses.” To be sure, A. A. Allen was one of the most heralded evangelists in the Voice of Healing Movement. The miracle man was incredibly gifted, dramatic – and controversial. A. A. Allen was also a type of apostolic forerunner. Religious enemies launched so many attacks against A. A. Allen that he felt he was surely one of the most persecuted men in ministry just because signs, wonders and miracles followed him. But A. A. Allen thrived under the pressure and refused to back down from his calling.

At the height of his popularity he had over 340,000 subscribers to his Miracle Magazine, was preaching in all the major cities and auditoriums across the US, was seen on TV, heard on radio and had written many books.

Brother Allen was used to being on his own. Born in Sulphur, Ark. in 1911, he grew up with poverty, hard work, a heavy-drinking father, and a mother who lived with several different men. His life took a dramatic turn when he was filled with the Holy Ghost in 1934 and he was shortly thereafter launched into his preaching ministry through the Assemblies of God church. Bringing revival during the Great Depression was tough for an evangelist, but God’s grace and A. A. Allen’s inner fortitude empowered him to keep preaching the Good News. By 1947 A. A. Allen left the harvest fields to settle down as pastor of a small church in Corpus Christi, Texas. Two years later, A. A. Allen attended one of Oral Robert’s tent meetings in nearby Dallas. He was awe-struck by the impact of Roberts’ revival meeting and was convinced that a great renaissance was underway as he witnessed miracle after miracle. He was sure that the Spirit of God was moving across the land with great power displays and left the meeting with a renewed passion to reach the lost with God’s miracle working power. He asked his church board to allow him to start a radio program. They refused, which seemed to greatly discourage A. A. Allen. Still, with true apostolic grit, A. A. Allen followed the Spirit of God and broke through the barriers imposed by man. He resigned from pastoring to hit the Gospel road again. It was at this point that A. A. Allen started his Healing Revival Campaigns that would bring him so much persecution from religious spirits.

Allen was one of the first ministers, along with Oral Roberts, to open his revival meetings up to interracial crowds. This, of course, created a different kind of persecution, but A. A. Allen would use it as a platform to stand on and preach from. More persecution would come when he began in the mid-1950s to urge Pentecostal ministers to establish independent churches that would be freed of denominational controls. A. A. Allen felt that programs had replaced the old wooded altars and that the denominations were limiting what the Spirit of God was trying to do in the Body of Christ. He once said, “With few exceptions the churches today are leaning more and more toward dependence upon organizational strength, and natural ability, and denominational methods. They no longer expect to get their increase through the old fashioned revival altar bench, or through the miracle working power of God, but rather through the Sunday school.”

Allen was found dead sitting in a chair in the Jack Tar Hotel in San Francisco on June 11, 1970. He was only 59 years old. Though he’s gone, this apostolic forerunner touched thousands of lives – many of which are still around today to testify to the miracle working power of God that flowed through him.

Regardless of what some think about A. A. Allen, it will not take away that he was truly apostolic by going first in many things. He was one of the first to birth a national television ministry and the first to air deliverance from demons and prophecy. His Holy Ghost rallies would see 12,000 people receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit in a single service. A. A. Allen also helped pioneer revival in the Philippines, where he preached repeatedly to more than 50,000 people during each service. He built Miracle Valley Bible College and planted more than 400 churches.



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