Kenyon Homestrand 2 Burner Alcohol Stove #126

Kenyon, Homestrand, 2 Burner, Alcohol Stove, Model #126

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Kenyon Homestrand 2 Burner Alcohol Stove #126

Kenyon Homestrand 2 Burner Alcohol Stove Model #126

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Kenyon Homestrand 2 Burner Alcohol Stove Model #126

We are listing a good used Kenyon Homestrand 2 Burner Alcohol Stove. It has seen some use but is in excellent operating condition. I am unsure of its age but would estimate that it was made in the mid 70s’ to early 80s’.

The stove includes an aluminum mounting plate (see pictures) and can be used as a cook stove for many applications. With this stove and any cook stove, use common sense as to where and how you plan to use it. I am talking about proper ventilation and keeping the stove away from curtains and the like.

Alcohol stoves such as this one were and still are popular due to the fact that the fuel is readily available and you don’t need to mess with heavy propane tanks. Also, in an enclosed situation such as a boat or camper, the explosion hazard is greatly minimized. Alcohol fumes are lighter that air as opposed to propane, which is heaver than air in its gaseous state. Alcohol mixes readily with water and water is an excellent fire extinguisher.

I have personally tested this stove with impressive results. I didn’t try and cook a meal but instead boiled about 2 to 3 cups of tap water inside of 10 minutes. Both burners were tested with similar results. The stove burners make a normal sound similar to any Coleman Stove, either white gas fueled or propane. The flame on the alcohol stove burners is somewhat hard to see in direct sunlight but you can tell that it is working by the sound made by the burners.

In the spirit of all honesty, I must admit that the only possible (or perceived) drawback of this stove is the lighting procedure. You do not light this stove as you would light a propane stove. One must pre-heat the individual burners for a few minutes so that the alcohol is vaporized when it reaches the burner. If the burner is not preheated, you will experience the dreaded flare-up situation and quite possibly will want to douse the stove with a bucket of water and join the ranks of alcohol stove haters.

I honestly believe that the haters of alcohol stoves did not read the operating instructions that came with the stove. I realize that it is a “guy thing” to not read instructions but in this case, we really need to read and follow the instructions on what type of alcohol fuel to use (yes, there are several types of alcohol) and the all important alcohol stove lighting instructions.

Before using this or any stove (alcohol or not) you must read the operating instructions. I can’t say that enough: You must read and follow the operating instructions! This stove is not your mom’s kitchen range or the gas barbeque grille. It is slightly different and after reading the entire user’s manual 2 or 3 times and some practice lighting the thing, you will be ready to cook supper.

I don’t mind telling you that I am very impressed with this stove and almost hate to sell it.

The stove will be shipped from our mid-west location with an empty fuel tank and a hard copy of the valuable operating instructions. If for some unfortunate reason the operation instructions are lost or your dog ate them, or if you just want to see if we will really send you another copy, email us and we will send you a virus and/or malware free PDF file of the Kenyon Homestrand Model #126 Alcohol Stove operating instructions for your very own.

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