Positive Life Gratitude Beads

Positive Life Gratitude Beads

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Positive Life Gratitude Beads
The purpose is to remind everyone of the positive in our lives and to give gratitude to ourselves and others.
Each string will consist of 4 beads and little seed beads plus a charm at the end.
Every time you touch one of the 4 larger beads stop and either say something positive of your life or to give gratitude for something.
A good example would be to say I am grateful for my family or I am grateful for the sun that warms me.The more you do this throughout the day the better you will begin to feel in general about your day.
It is after all the little things that get us through.
All strings will be assorted they come in different colors and with different charms- they are designed to fit on just about anything from cell phones to pda's purses,backpacks the possibilities like your gratitude are endless.
Each one comes with a cell phone strap of various colors the beaded string has a lobster clasp so they may be interchanged without taking the whole strap off.

All are different the picture is an example only!if you are looking for a particular color please let me know I will have more pictures and listings coming shortly

They are a total of 8 inches cell phone strap and all just the beaded part is 6 inches and can be taken off the strap and used for other things like backpacks etc... Each one will come with a postcard describing the purpose and concept of Positive Life Gratitude Beads Great for gift giving!

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