Soap Sock 2 Red White Blue Shower Bath

Soap, Sock, 2, Red, White, Blue, Shower, Bath

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Soap Sock 2 Red White Blue Shower Bath

  • These are hand crocheted by me! You get the one pictured in this listing. These are made with cotton yarn so they are soft enough for a baby but work well for gentle exfoliation in the bath or shower! They will hold a regular bath sized bar of soap and saves you money so you can use up ALL of your soap! Stuff the slivers in there too and use it all! They have a draw string so you can loop it around your wrist while in the shower or tub so you don't have to worry about dropping the soap either! If the draw string isn't long enough for your wrist, just cut it and pull it out and use a shoe string or ribbon woven through it! You can also use the draw string to hang it on a hook between uses so it doesn't sit in the soap dish getting all gooey! You can also insert a regular sponge for use with shower gels too!
  • These are cotton and will shrink a bit in hot water when washing so I suggest warm or cold and hang to dry. These measure about 4 1/2" x 3 1/4" and do stretch a bit. I also have some made with regular yarn and I can make these little bags with a tighter crochet for holding small things too! They can also be used for cell phones and hung on a lanyard for easy access to your phone! There are several uses for them! A deck of cards, storing checkers, Small toys for kids on the go, ...etc! The possibilities are endless! More colors will be coming soon! OH, and shipping will be actual to your zip code too!

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