TRANSMITTE modified for video recordingNO CAMERA NEEDED

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    PENNYOVER Fixed Price Auction # 1542041
AR DRONE 2 NOT INCLUDED This transmitter has been modified so the signal will not interfere with the iPhone's Wi-Fi.making it easy to turn the video recorder off and on.other transmitter's for sale on eBay do not have this feature. Here is a little video FOR you to play to see how radio receiver working as you can see I was a little leery of flying too high because I live in the woods and I'm not very good at flying You can attach receiver in less than 60 seconds see photo above. No cutting of Styrofoam body for attachment. It's Finally here. What everybody Has been waiting For. The transmitter that will let you record video on your USB flash drive with no interference from the transmitter . Hear is how it works. just after you launch your drone with the transmitter connect your iPhone or iPad . start Free flight then just simply push the record button . You Can Also Switch between Cameras With No Problem . when you're done recording you need to turn off the recorder . this will load video into the USB flash. This is the only transmitter receiver that is capable of letting you watch and record video to your iPhone or iPad with no interference . other Radio transmitter and receivers for sale on eBay do not have this capability ThisTransmitter and receiver has been modified so you can record video with your iPhone or iPad , I had no problem recording . I have tested it and had no problems at all recording video feed to the iPhone or a USB flash RADIO TRANSMITTER & RECEIVER KIT ONLY For the AR Drone 2 Radio Transmitter & Receiver Kit For AR Drone 1 Send Me A Email NEW AR DRONE 2 NOT INCLUDED This receiver has runaway failsafe. If you fly out of transmission range your drone will automatically LAND For Sale: AR Drone 2 RC Radio Transmitter. The transmitter is new. . The AR Drone 2 Can flying range of 500-820 feet!!! You can also connect your iphone for watch video and record , or, just simply fly it. EVERYTHING YOU NEED AND IS READY TO FLY OUT OF THE BOX!!!! ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS HAVE FUN FLYING!!!! Phone: tech support is available if you have any problems please feel free to call me. e-mail me for contact number Low Battery Alert, the threshold is set at 15% of battery capacity. Once reached the drone will start to blink the motor LEDs in red, to tell you it is time to land

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