Cross of Honor for the German Mother in Silver (2nd Class)

German WWII Issue

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German Mother's Cross in Silver

The Cross of Honor for the German Mother, 2nd Class (in Silver). Award design consists of a "Christian-style" blue and white cross with a square sun (or star) burst between each of the arms of the cross. Center features a static black swastika on a circular white field, surrounded by a band with the motto "Der Deutschen Mutter" (The German Mother). Reverse has the typical engraving: "16. Dezember 1938 (December 16, 1938 - the date this award was promogulated) Adolf Hitler (signature)". All metal corresponds to the award grade - in this case, silver. All is suspended from a brief length of the correct, and original blue and white ribbon.
This award was given to mothers upon the delivery of their 5th or 6th child of "Aryan blood". The silver award is the hardest grade to find of this award. The enamel of the lower cross arm has been repaired. See photograph for condition. This is an original German WWII medal!

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  Military Memorabilia believes our fighting men served, and died, to preserve our liberties, and the greatest way to honor them is in the preservation by collectors, historians, and other institutions the symbols, honors, and accoutrements they wore and earned in their struggles for us today.  I especially believe that they did not intend for the highest, and most respected symbol of individual heroism and sacrifice, and the unique representation of American history that the Medals of Honor represents, to be slowly transferred over time to exclusively foriegn ownership.

  That is why I named my company Military Memorabilia.  The Military is self-explanitory.  Memorabilia refers to objects, but its rooted in Memories and Remembering.  We must stand up now, and together to restore our rights to honor our servicemen in our own small way.  I urge you to join OMSA - The Orders and Medals Society of America.  They are even now, trying to get the SVA modified to clearly allow the legal collecting and selling of all American Medals, including the Medals of Honor.  Second - engage politically.  Tell your legislators or candidates you can not support them if they consider you a criminal just for possessing a Medal of Honor.  Only with a strong, unified voice can we restore rights that have been stripped away!

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