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INTRICATE SUPERB IKAT TEXTILE IN EARTHTONES (ITEM 28). I show only portions of the ikat here, so that designs, weave and colors can be better appreciated with the resulting close-up. It is large and hard to fit on one picture, size around 94 " by 45", 230 cms by 120 cms: each differs slightly and can be slightly shorter or longer, including the hand twisted fringes. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, PLEASE CONTACT: CHEETAHDMR@AOL.COM Our Ikats are beautifully made with very tight weave. They can have many uses: as a throw over a couch, as a wall hanging, as a tablecloth, to make drapes or pillows or clothing as it is a beautiful textile and very rich looking, or as a shawl or long skirt. They wash very well and are extremely sturdy. We have many ikats and other collectables at auction per week and all of our rare items, including the ikats, come with an history and information with photos. Our ikats were selected for their patterns & beauty, a dozen or so at a time in remote villages on small Indonesian islands along our route. They are a traditional product. Specific artisans and villages are often recognized for their patterns. STORES SELL SUCH A PIECE FOR 150.00$ and UP! Varying sizes of hand-carved wooden wall-hanging bars are also available at auction, if you wish to display your unique textile or tapestry on the wall. The effect is truly striking! Please contact us with any questions at Add $9.99 for S&H priority mail. SHIPPING OVERSEAS IS MORE OF COURSE. Our prices are started very low as we go straight to the source to find these treasures. To see pictures of our collection, go to this link below and scroll down till you get to the photos, there are a few pages of pictures & text for educational purposes that we were asked to place on this site and we add more weekly whenever we find time. You will find there photos of what we collect and sell on ebay regularely and the interesting stories behind these items we search for in remote areas of the world and if you want to see colorful artwork to get ideas, and ways to transform houses with no flair into Carribean hideways, check this link again on the same site for fun! :

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