Seller's Freq Asked Questions

Q: How do I make changes to my auctions after the auction has started?

Active auctions may be edited at any time before the auction receives a bid.
  1. Go to your Auction Manager Menu Bar
  2. Hover your mouse over the Auction type.
  3. Click on Active.
  4. Locate the auction you would like to edit.
  5. Click the Edit icon on the right side of the page.
  6. If a bid has been made on your auction, it cannot be edited. However, a note may be added to the description.


    Q: How can I end my auction early?

    A: You may end your Auction early in two different ways, they are as follows:

    1. If there are no bids on the auction; go to your Auction Manager, hover over the auction type that the auction is listed under, and click on "Active". When the window opens, find the auction you want to end, and click on the "End Auction" button in the bottom of the auction item window
    2. If any bids have been placed on the auction; go to your Auction Manager, hover over the auction type that the auction is listed under, and click on "Active With Bids". When the window opens find the auction you want to end early. If you want the auction to end with no bids, click on the "Cancel High Bid" button. If there is more than one bid on the auction, you will have to cancel each one. Then click the "End Auction Early" button. You may cancel the auction early and leave the high bidder in place by clicking the "End Auction Early" button without canceling the high bidder.

    Q: How do I use O-Mail?

    A: Click O-Mail in your "Buyer Hub" or "Seller Hub", located in the grey Auction Manager Menu bar at the top of any page to send, receive and store your messages to and from other registered users.

    Reading O-Mail

    1. Read your O-Mail simply by clicking the O-Mail tab in your "Buyer Hub" or "Seller Hub". This will take you directly to your O-Mail In-Box.
    2. Click on the text in the "Subject" box and the message will be displayed. All messages in your Inbox can remain for a maximum of 60 days from receipt before being automatically sent to the trash.
    3. When you have finished reading your O-mail, you may choose any one of the three options at the bottom of the page
    "Reply" - Click this button if you want to replay to this message.
    "Send To Trash" - Click here if you want to delete this message.
    "Spam" - If you click this button, this user will be blocked from sending you any more O-Mails.
    Or, you can just leave the O-Mail in your inbox until later.
    Sending O-Mail
    1. Go to the O-mail page in either the "Buyer" or "Seller" hub. You will be taken to your O-mail In-Box. Here is where you will find any messages that have been sent to you by other members.
    2. Click on the "Compose" button to open a new blank O-mail page.
    3. In the "To" text box, type in the username of the member you are sending the message to.
    4. Fill in the "Subject" text box. It is always a good idea to use the auction number or description in this box so the receiving member will know what auction you are referring to.
    5. Compose your message in the large text box.
    6. The text editor at the bottom of the box may be used to enhance your message as you see fit.
    7. Click the "Send" Button when you have finished

    Q: How can I search Auctions?

    A: To perform any type of search, you must first go to the Blue Search Bar at the top of the page.

    The first text box is where you enter a keyword, or phrase from an auction title or description. You can also search by entering an auction number here.
    Clicking on the "Advanced Search" option, will take you to the Advanced Search page. Here you have several search options to choose from, as follows:

    1. Search by entering a phrase from the title or description of the auction.
    2. You can also search here by entering the auction number.
    3. Here is where you can search by clicking on the Seller or Bidder links further down the page. When you search by Seller, you will be taken to that seller's auctions listed page, where you will also have the options of sorting the listed auctions in several different ways.

    The last search option on the blue bar is "Member Search". If you would like to just search for a member of, click on the "Member Search" option and enter the member's username. You will be taken to a page where you can view that members feedback, and you can also communicate with them through O-mail if you like. From this page you also have the option of clicking a "Hyperlink" that will take you to this member's active "Seller Auctions" page, where you can view all the auctions this member has currently running.


    Q: What is Feedback?

    A. User Feedback allows you to view User-posted comments regarding previous transactions between buyers and sellers. Feedback ratings of positive, negative or neutral content may be posted. One Feedback entry from each user in a completed auction is allowed. All users are urged to post feedback concerning all completed auction transactions. You may view a user"s feedback simply by clicking their feedback number that is listed in parenthesis following their Username.

    Why our Feedback System is different: User-to-User transactions sometimes result in honest misunderstandings which can generate premature or sometimes unjust Negative Feedback. Usually, these misunderstandings are resolved at some point in time. However, if the negative feedback has already been left, what happens now?

    Our feedback system gives users the option to edit erroneous feedback, or feedback that has been left in haste. Each feedback author may edit their submission for up to 60 days after the related auction ending. Our unique feedback system promotes fairness while enhancing user-to-user relations.

    "Auto Positive Feedback" (APF) Because most successful auctions end with positive results, "Auto Positive Feedback" allows you to enter a positive feedback comment to be automatically posted 15 days after each completed auction. No more forgetting to give positive feedback for your valued buyers or sellers. Easily set up your own APF by visiting your Auction Manager Menu Bar, hover your mouse over "Account Setup" and click on "Feedback ". APF saves time and promotes good user-to-user relations.


    Q: How do I leave Feedback for a Buyer?

    A: Go to the "Sold" folder under the auction type your auction was listed under. (Located in your Auction Manager Menu Bar) Scroll to find the auction listing you would like to leave feedback for. Click the "Leave Feedback" link. This is also where you would go if you found it necessary to edit a previous feedback posting.


    Q: Why hasn't the Buyer contacted me?

    A: The Buyer may have gotten sidetracked or is waiting for you to initiate contact. Send an O-Mail reminder to the Buyer. Always check your O-Mail Inbox after logging in at You may find that most experienced Buyers will initiate contact after an auction. After 24 hours, E-Mail reminders are automatically sent to users with unread messages in their O-Mail Inbox.


    Q: Why didn't my one-time Registration Activation Code get e-mailed to me?

    A: E-Mails your one-time Activation Code immediately after receiving User Registration form data. If you do not receive your Activation Code right away, please be patient as some mail services may take up to an hour to process the message. Internet traffic conditions are also a factor. AOL customers in particular have the longest wait. If your Activation Code still does not arrive, it's possible that you entered your E-Mail address incorrectly when you registered, in that case you will need to register again. Need further assistance? Please contact our Customer Support.


    Q: How do I include a picture when listing my auction?

    A: offers two methods to choose from when preparing the "Sell An Item" page.

    1. Upload: This method lets you upload your pictures directly from your computer to by clicking the browse button. This opens your computer's hard drive file window. Locate and double-click the desired picture file name. This automatically places the picture in your auction. Be patient here, depending on your computer, and your internet connection speed, and the size of your picture, it could load very quickly, or very slowly. (When you set the picture quality setting in your digital camera, we recommend you use the "E-Mail" setting for faster picture uploads).
    2. Hosted: Choose this option if you are using a hosting service for your pictures.


    Q: What if I forget my password, or I just want to change my password?

    A: If you forget your password, click the "Sign In" link at the top of the Home page. The Sign In box, in addition to having the sign in text boxes, will also have the "Forgot Your Password" link. Click the link and follow the instructions. Your password will be E-Mailed to you. If you would like to change your password, hover your mouse over "Account Set Up" in the Auction Manager Menu Bar and click on "Password". Fill in the text boxes, and click the "Submit" button. Your password will be updated to the new one immediately. However, your new password will not take effect until you log off, and log back on again.


    Q: Why did I lose my item pictures when I listed my auction?

    A: When you initially listed your auction, you may have overlooked the section of the listing page that allows you to list up to four pictures with no additional charge. Or, if you like, you may list up to six more pictures to be charged at the rate of twenty five cents (.25) each.
    If your pictures are located on a hosting service, then the first place to look would be to make sure you are using the proper "Image URL" for each of the pictures you are using. Your Image Hosting Service would be the ones to help with this problem.


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