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Everything a Seller gets plus: $300 in auction enhancements (featured auctions - get seen!), Up to 8,000 simultaneous listings, Professional Badge, Import from CSV/eBay, Personalized e-Store

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any listing fees?

No, we do not charge listing fees. Listing is already pre-paid in your seller membership plan.

Are there Final Value Fees when I sell an item?

We do not charge final value fees. Your fees are pre-paid for in your seller membership plan.

As a buyer how do I pay for my item?

You and the seller will receive an automated notification email from Online Auction telling you that you have a pending purchase, and then you and the seller by can contact each other by site messaging center, or by email, and conclude the sale.

How do I get paid for my item if it sells?

By any method you choose. Simply create an invoice for your customer as needed, and add in your payment preferences and send it through the site messaging center.

Can I leave feedback?

Yes, you can leave positive negative or neutral feedback.

How do I cancel as a seller?

You can do so in your account setup in the membership section. Just set your membership to Basic Membership. This stops your billing, and you can shop on the site for free! is a marketplace community of buyers and sellers that allows you keep all your earnings and have the freedom to safely and easily buy and sell without anyone taking a piece of the action. We have hosted over $746,067,744 in zero-fee auctions and are growing by the minute.

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